Category: Digital Transformation

Category: Digital Transformation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) are becoming one of the most dominant tools companies have for remaining competitive and adapting to the future.  RPA is not as mysterious as it seems, and this article simply introduces the concepts – an RPA 101, if you like. What is RPA? Most simply, […]

Facebook Coin – What now?

Facebook is bringing out a coin which may change our lives! I am Christelle Bure, a founding member and active director with Metatrans.  I am currently concluding my Master’s in Blockchain and Crypto-currency and am interested in the possible impact of Facebook’s LIBRA coin, the setup of their blockchain, Calibra, the LIBRA Association, and what this […]

Introduction to Innovation

At the heart of any new discipline there often lies a simple, organizing system—an underlying structure and order governing what works and what fails.  This is what the Ten Types of Innovation® framework brings to innovation.  Consciously understanding it makes innovation easier and more effective. Innovation Truths: Innovation mostly fails. It doesn’t need to. You […]

Digital Transformation @ work

Digital Transformation @ work We have been involved in business transformations in large and small organisations using technology for many years, so a couple of years ago, we started Metatrans and focused on helping businesses adapt to the changing environment using digital transformation. Today we want to talk about digital transformation @ work in South […]

Digital Transformation Hype

The digital transformation hype Digital transformation is everywhere, the phrase ‘digital transformation’ results in 8.7 million google search results, but what is the hype about really?  Just another fad, business model or technology. Digital transformation should rather be named digital business transformation, as it is about transforming the enterprise from top to bottom – transforming […]

Are you managing your google dashboard

Are You Managing Your Google Dashboard? Google’s Dashboard service was released in November 2009, but based on recent conversations, not everyone is aware of where to find the data collected by google  associated with your google account.  From your first Gmail account, through all your google searches and youtube views, Google has been collecting an […]