Category: Leadership

Category: Leadership

Digital Transformation @ work

Digital Transformation @ work We have been involved in business transformations in large and small organisations using technology for many years, so a couple of years ago, we started Metatrans and focused on helping businesses adapt to the changing environment using digital transformation. Today we want to talk about digital transformation @ work in South […]

Emotional Intelligence for Graduates

Emotional Intelligence:  Workplace Graduate Integration What is Emotional Intelligence? What are the aspects of Emotional Intelligence? Where does it start? Culture Shock Over the last decades we have learnt how to interact with, manage and motivate our teams.  We understand the workplace and its rules.  We may not be excellent at all aspects of navigating […]

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: I have been asked by one of our clients to present an Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) course to their young leadership team.   In preparation for the course, I found myself getting very passionate about this topic, as I have realised how much the world has changed.  Gone are the days where […]