Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Data Privacy is a human right! Therefore, it is our legal and moral obligation to take care of the personal information in our care – Whether this is data from our staff, clients, providers or partners. For example,  including electronic and physical, formal and informal, structured and unstructured.

For us, the answer lies in a mindshift change, and the implementation of Privacy by Design.

Data Privacy Laws:

There are various regulations globally which govern Data Privacy. Notably, these are POPI (South Africa), GDPR (Europe & UK), APP (Australia) CAPP (California) and many others. These have all been guided by the Generally accepted Privacy Principles. How do you navigate this Privacy landscape unscathed?

POPIA Capabilites

  • Privacy Framework
  • GDPR & POPI compliance and implementation
  • Privacy Gap Analysis / Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Data Modelling & Data Dictionaries
  • Full or partial Implementation
  • Incident Response Plans & Remediation Plans:

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