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Data Privacy is a human right! Therefore, it is our legal and moral obligation to take care of the personal information in our care – Whether this is data from our staff, clients, providers or partners. For example,  including electronic and physical, formal and informal, structured and unstructured.

For us, the answer lies in a mindshift change, and the implementation of Privacy by Design.

Data Privacy Laws:

There are various regulations globally which govern Data Privacy. Notably, these are POPI (South Africa), GDPR (Europe & UK), APP (Australia) CAPP (California) and many others. These have all been guided by the Generally accepted Privacy Principles. How do you navigate this Privacy landscape unscathed?


People Trained

Over 1600 people embracing Privacy by Design



 Spent on Privacy implementation

Service Offering

Personal Information Awareness & POPI  Specific Training

  • A Privacy Framework:

  • Depending on your organisation and your global footprint, we will create a Privacy Framework which will guide your Privacy Implementation programme

  • Privacy by Design:
  • A Privacy Communication Awareness Campaign to create a permanent, auditable culture change in your organisation

  • A Formal Training Programme, a blend of online and face-to-face training intervention, which is tested with results documented

  • Privacy Gap Analysis / Privacy Impact Assessment
  • A detailed report which measures your organisation’s Privacy maturity against global and local benchmarks. This report will allow you to plan and execute your Privacy implementation programme

  • Project Planning:
  • Our well experienced project managers will facilitate the planning of your Privacy Implementation programme, creating a project charter and detailed project implementation schedule

  • Data Modelling & Data Dictionaries
  • Our data experts will do deep dives on your systems, producing data models, data dictionaries, and data architecture specific to your organisation… useable for all your Privacy remediation efforts

  • Full or partial Implementation
  • Depending on the capacity constraints within your organisation, we can assist with every aspect of Privacy implementation. This includes:

    • Programme / Project manager
    • Privacy SME
    • Legal
    • Change Manager
    • Trainer
    • Data Expert
    • Cyber expert
  • Incident Response Plans & Remediation Plans:
  • Our team will assist you to build Incident/Breach response plans which makes sense to your organisation. We do not believe that one size fits all, and will ensure practicality and usability of our solutions.

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