Digital Transformation

Ever increasing customer demands, exponential improvements in technologies and globalisation are affecting almost all industries across the world. Industries face being disrupted by companies outside their own industry, and it is becoming almost impossible to predict where their next competitor will be coming from. This is forcing companies to dramatically change from the traditional structures, processes and cultures that have made them successful and transform to become digital business that are more agile, responsive, efficient and innovative, if they are to remain competitive and even continue to exist. This business transformation is commonly referred to as digital transformation, and is a journey that is being embarked on across the world. While many businesses understand the threat and are responding accordingly, many businesses are adopting the wait and see approach.

Companies across South Africa are struggling, everywhere you go you see too let signs, for sale signs, vacant offices and stores. Many companies still operating are downsizing and retrenching, this is happening across almost all of our industries including mining, retail, financial, telecommunications etc.

We work with organisations and help them with thier digital transformation goals, generally these would result in business model changes in order to achieve an increase growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our integrated and holistic approach for digital transformation addresses elements of the operating model, people, process, technology, reporting, governance, risk and compliance.

What is in it for you

  • Enables your business to operate in a digital world and remain competitive
  • Frees up resources from mundane activites and enables them to focus on value add functions.
  • Modernises legacy processes and systems
  • Customer focused business

Digital Transformation services

  • Digital Transformation
  • Business model changes
  • Digital strategy formulation
  • Process reengineering
  • Technology recommendations and implementations
  • Automation
  • People training and awareness
  • Change management
  • Project & programme management
  • Digital governance and controls

Don't get left behind, adapt to the future

An effective digital transformation programme focuses on four elements of the business, people, process, technology and governance. Digital transformation involves the entire company and will result in business model changes. People need to be upskilled, processes need to be revamped, technology needs to be modernised and augmented and lastly governance to regulations and industry standards needs to be maintained.

Digital Strategy Development

Innovation & Design

Process analysis & Design

Technology governance and Controls

Staff awareness and training

Business model changes

Information Technology recommendations & implementation

Digital business governance and controls

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